FX Solutions for Financial Institutions

Our customized payment solution for financial institutions offers many exciting benefits to banks and credit unions looking to increase their revenue, grow their business, and improve efficiencies.

We are the world’s leading non-bank provider of cross-border business payments, and our services are white labelled by many financial institutions around the world. Our behind the scenes solution integrates seamlessly into your existing operations and allows you to provide your customers with world class foreign exchange services, without taking anything away from your core services.

We help financial institutions around the globe to process international wire transfers, bank drafts, cash letters, collection items, and forward contracts. Our online platform offers many useful features that help you to offer these services to your clients, including: the ability to private label, client-managed administration, OFAC scan, IBAN validation, beneficiary bank look-up, fully exportable payment and profit reports, auto-convert, real-time or carded rates, the ability to manage your margin revenue and fees, and much more.

Our solution simplifies the complexities of global payments and opens up a range of new revenue opportunities for financial institutions by offering your customers fast, efficient, and reliable movement of money across borders.


  • Access to our team of dedicated foreign exchange specialists
  • A white label platform that can be customized to have the look and feel of your own brand
  • The ability to reduce back-office processing costs while streamlining procedures
  • The ability to broaden service offerings for your customers or members
  • Access to the award winning Western Union Business Solutions GEO Global Clearing Network

Find out more about how we can help your financial institution to make use of an innovative and flexible white label global payments solution that is largely independent of the global banks.

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