Outgoing Payments

GlobalPay for Education Platform

With fast transfers, a wide range of currencies and transmission methods, and 24/7 online access, the Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay service makes vendor payments and student refunds simple, fast, and affordable.

Whether you’re funding research overseas, paying international vendors and suppliers, or issuing student refunds, the GlobalPay for Education platform can help you do it more easily and efficiently.

Part of our comprehensive suite of financial solutions for education institutions, the GlobalPay service gives your accounts payables department online access to simple, streamlined domestic and international transfers in over 130 currencies. The GlobalPay platform also offers online tracking and automated beneficiary notifications, easy accounting system integration, and outstanding compliance features, making it the payment solution of choice for leading educational institutions around the world.

  • Efficient, affordable international and domestic transfers in over 130 currencies
  • Outstanding built-in compliance features and easy accounting system integration
  • Round-the-clock online access and dedicated support from true FX specialists

When it comes to sending payments, trust an established leader in the money-transfer industry with over 130 years of experience transmitting funds, a financial network spanning over 170 countries and territories, and a suite of solutions developed specifically for education institutions and backed by true FX specialists.

Find out how the GlobalPay for Education platform can help your institution. Read our White Paper or Contact an FX Specialist.