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Our education payment specialists: here to help you reach your goals.

Western Union Business Solutions is more than just another payments provider. We’re a true partner to your institution, committed to helping you reach your unique and changing goals.

Our Education Team works closely with clients around the world, helping them streamline their international payments, manage their currency exposure, and make life easier for international students and accounting staff.

Ben Kavalec – VP Commercial Sales

Ben Kavalec leads the Western Union Business Solutions Education Team with over ten years of experience working with educational institutions and an irrepressible passion for foreign exchange.


Drawing on his extensive experience in the FX world, Ben works closely with institutions across the country to help them better manage their payments processes and foreign exchange flows, helping them save time and money and ultimately become more internationally competitive.

Ben’s mandate, and that of his team, is to help institutions of all sizes improve their incoming and outgoing payment processes, making life easier for international students as well as accounting staff, improving relationships with foreign and domestic vendors, using resources more effectively, and ultimately becoming more competitive in the global education space.

Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska (Omaha). He lives in Omaha.

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Jennifer Renteria – West Coast Regional Manager, University & Corporate Accounts

Considered one of the foremost specialists in FX solutions for the education industry in the country, Jennifer Renteria has more than 12 years of experience in the international payments industry.


As Regional Manager, Jennifer works closely with client institutions, guiding them through every step of the FX management process—from assessing needs, to implementing an appropriate solution, to helping to continually optimize services and align FX strategy with changing needs, goals, and industry standards. Jennifer’s job is to ensure that our institution clients have not only the best solution for their needs, but also access to the best service and support for their solution.

In addition to her role helping clients, Jennifer is also responsible for driving operational initiatives for the growing education payments industry across Western Union Business Solutions, translating her day-to-day experiences with clients into ideas for product and process improvements that will ultimately allow us to serve those clients even better. To that end, Jennifer strives to understand the shared needs of universities, colleges, and specialty institutions, and to devise solutions that respond to those needs effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Chapman University and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is based out of Los Angeles, California.

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Vicki Dolphens – Midwest and Southeast Regional Manager, University & Corporate Accounts

Vicki’s extensive experience in the international payments industry spans ten years, three company acquisitions, and hundreds of successful and fruitful collaborations with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


As Regional Manager for the Western Union Business Solutions Education Team, Vicki draws on her decade of experience to help institutions of all sizes accommodate their international students, introduce increased efficiency into their payment processes, and become more competitive globally.

Working closely with her clients as a partner and team member, Vicki builds solutions to help institutions respond to an increasingly international industry, streamlining cross-border transfers and simplifying the international student payment and refund processes. She also provides dedicated, personalized support for her solutions, from implementation to day-to-day transaction assistance to long-term strategy.

An unabashed enthusiast of education, in which she holds a degree from the University of Nebraska (Omaha), Vicki is a perfect fit for the Education Team, where she combines her considerable experience in the international payments space with a passion for helping students and schools succeed.

Vicki lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska, where she was born and raised, and where she remains active in her community through philanthropic work, volunteering, fundraising, coaching, and youth leadership.

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Daniel Jurgens – Northeast Regional Manager, University & Corporate Accounts

Born, raised, and based in Boston, Massachusetts, Dan Jurgens is an eight-year veteran of the international payments industry. He started in the financial services field doing demand generation for Foreign Exchange specialist Ruesch International where he quickly became a member of the Northeast Sales Team. Ruesch was acquired by Travelex Global Business Payments in 2007, where Dan continued his international payments sales efforts before dedicating himself full-time to the education sector shortly before Western Union’s acquisition of Travelex in 2011.


As part of the Business Solutions Education Team, Dan works closely with institutions of all sizes across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, helping them to manage their payments (incoming and outgoing, international and domestic) more efficiently and affordably—ultimately making them more competitive globally.

A born presenter, Dan is considered one of the country’s leading specialists in foreign exchange services for universities and colleges, and as such is regularly asked to train and teach others, both within and outside of the organization. Dan has trained demand-generation and sales teams on the needs of the education sector, presented payment solutions and FX strategies to dozens of clients of all sizes across industries, and recorded webinars to help institutions understand the advantages of comprehensive FX solutions for their staff and students.

Dan attended Fairfield University in Connecticut, where he majored in politics and communications. Locally Dan is involved in several business networking groups, which regularly sponsor charitable events.

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Andrew Benkis – Regional Sales Manager, University & Corporate Accounts

As Regional Manager, Andrew helps corporate clients and educational institutions strengthen their foreign exchange payment programs - streamlining their processes, easing administrative burden, and protecting budgeted costs and cash flows.


Andrew brings more than 13 years of international payments expertise to his client relationships. His current list of clients ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and from specialty schools expanding into international markets to established institutions looking to refine and improve their global programs.

Andrew approaches every client relationship like a true payments partnership - creating customized payments solutions and strategies, proactively communicating changing market dynamics and opportunities as they arise, and working to ensure his client’s needs, as well as those of their partners or students, are met.

Andrew studied Business Administration at the University of Nebraska. He is based out of Omaha.

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